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Community Child Life Services

Available Services

These are private sessions for a child or youth to have one on one play experiences with the Child Life Specialist. 

These are sessions a parent, guardian or caretaker can meet with the Child Life Specialist to gain more tools and strategies.

Workshops are conducted for children, youth and adults. Check them out for detailed information. 

Our Advantages

Passionate Personality

I have been wanting to build this business since I graduated from my program. I have worked with children for over ten years and can always find a way to connect on a deeper level with them. Play is a language we all understand and I am blessed I am able to pursue this career with finding true meaningful connections with those who truly need extra support. 

Certified Education

The Child and Youth Care degree outlines many topics of child development, psychology, communication, family systems, theoretical frameworks, and professional practice. The Child Life specialization within this degree required another course specific to the challenges in Child Life. Finally, there is a certification exam with the Association of Child Life Professionals that needs to be completed. All of this extensive training and then continued Professional development makes a well knowledged Child Life Specialist. 

Various Programs

The variety of programs offered in private or group sessions allows for all children to participate in their own comfort levels. Each person will find their learning style and it then becomes our job to locate what fits the child best to retain the information we have to teach. We work with a strength based approach, so once we know what the child excels at- we can do some of the harder work in an easier way that they enjoy. 

For more information and inquiries...

It does no harm in giving us a call or email to see if Child Life is the right fit for the current situation and child. 

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