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Play, Explore, and Learn

Through developmentally appropriate preparation, education and advocacy for children, families and professionals more children will be proudly walking through their medical appointments with reduced fear and anxiety.

Welcome to Pediatric Power Play


Therapeutic play sessions to developmentally appropriate preparations and education for medical preparations and other challenging life events. 


Education and advocacy to provide parents with the tools and strategies they need to be a strong positive support for their child in this situation. 


Children and youth can learn in a group setting to discuss their various coping strategies and interact with one another about similar experiences. Workshops for adults are also conducted to provide holistic wellness.

Importance of Play

Play is children's most powerful tool. It helps children make sense of their world, develop new concepts, increase social skills. gain emotional support, and take responsibility for their actions through meaningful experiences. Whether it is enjoyment, development, learning, therapy, flow, comfort, or hope... play is a language every child understands and is able to communicate through.


Shae is very kind and helpful. She gave me very useful tips on how to deal with my little one's first immunization. After our conversation, I had more peace of mind and confidence to help my baby through his first shots! Thank you!

Camille Drinkwater

January 10th, 2020

My child had upcoming bloodwork that I was very nervous about since he has never had it before. Shae was able to play and educate in a way my child could understand. They created a coping plan on the different steps that need to be performed for a successful experience. Shae and my son shared the plan with me, so I could be helpful in this appointment. 


December 5th, 2018

My chronically ill child has had severe trauma from the hospital experiences through his early years. Shae was quickly able to build a positive and trusting relationship with my son. They created a bear who was sick just like him and mastered being a doctor to his new stuffed friend.

Crystal Taylor

February 18th, 2018

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