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Play Workshops

Teddy Bear Clinics are for children who are needing to find mastery skills within the medical field. We allow for them to gain control in the hot seat and play the role of the practitioner. They perform the appointment on the teddy bear to allow learning of the tools, equipment and opportunities of displaying comfort techniques. Typically these workshops are for children aged 3 to 10 years of age, however, developmentally if this clinic would benefit the child's needs then it will be highly advocated for them to participate. 

Self-Expression Art Clinic is a workshop for children to create art pieces that represent different emotions based on different experiences. This can be medical related, grief experiences, or challenging life events that are difficult to cope with. Working within art can help a child better express themselves without trying to sit and discuss their emotions. Explaining their art is essentially a way for them to explain their emotions but with a different focus. This workshop is typically for children aged 6 to 14 years of age, however, developmentally if this clinic would benefit the child's needs then it will be highly advocated for them to participate. 

Coping Clinics

Coping Clinics are typically for children who are facing upcoming bloodwork, needle phobia, and other minor treatments. We collectively discuss as a group how the child would prefer to face this challenge and provide them a sense of control during an uncomfortable experience. This would normally be split into groupings of children close in age so they can relate to the same distractions and reactions to know they are not alone in this experience while also providing the opportunity to inspire one another. 

Another style of coping clinic would be based on the illness or diagnosis. Getting a group of children together who are all experiencing the same medical treatments and testing is helpful when creating their own coping plans. They can discuss and relate to one another about what has worked for them and how they are managing. These will only be created if there is enough interest all with the similar medical plan. 

Parents, Caregivers and Medical Professionals

Clinics can be conducted for a group of parents or caregivers who are wanting to learn more about how they can better support their child through a medical appointment or test. Finding out what other parents are doing and getting a few resources to practice. It is helpful to do some role play with another as well to understand the shoes that your child wears will doing their appointment. Only conducted when there is enough interest. 

The workshop for medical professionals is normally done with a specific office or group of professionals that are looking at changing their way of practice to better the child's experience. For example, a dentist office may ask for a workshop to learn new techniques on how they can make the child feel in control and most comfortable during their cleaning appointment from the minute they walk through the door to the very end of their appointment. This is a terrific workshop to also conduct role playing, ask questions and gain some resources for your office's atmosphere to be child focused. 

If you have an additional idea or questions about any of the following workshops, please reach out with a phone call or email and we would be happy to assist your needs. 

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