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Private Sessions

Who is a private session for?

Private sessions are most beneficial for children or youth who are needing more one to one support with stressful and unexpected events. 

What does a session look like?

The free consultation is a twenty minute meet and greet to determine if the services are even applicable to support the individuals needs and that personalities are a suitable fit. 

The next step would be an initial session to assess the specific goals that we would be working towards. This could be very clearly outlined in the meet and greet which could potentially only require one session to gain some tips and resources for the child's needs. However, other children may need several sessions of therapeutic play, self expressional activities and more in depth care plan created. 

Basically a private session is going to be an opportunity for the child to communicate through play and work with the Child Life Specialist on the specific outlined goal. An opportunity to share with guardians will be available at the end of the session. 

Its a child's need and right to have access to play. 

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