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Parent Trainings

What would a training look like?

Trainings can be a used for a variety of different reasons. If the child has completed a session prior to and has some areas they would like to share with their parents, then we can utilize this meeting for that. For example, a child has been working on their blood work coping plan and would like to include their parents within the plan during their distraction portion. So we all meet together to have the child explain to their parents what they are needing and I will be there to help facilitate and recommend ideas to meet the needs of the child. 

Another use for these trainings would be to provide parents with some useful resources and tools if they are wanting to learn more techniques on how to best support their child within an upcoming appointment. These are normally one on one sessions as each child can show very different reactions and require different needs to be met. 

There are a couple workshops that focus on very general techniques for parents to utilize. I am also open to doing a workshop for a group of parents who may be struggling with very similar experiences. For example, a support group of parents raising kids with diabetes may request my services to discuss on different techniques to best support their child. Especially in the earlier stages of the diagnosis when the routine and normalcy are still being built. 


It is important to note: I will never share information from a session with the parents to the child, unless I have permission to do so. However, I will also respect the child and never share with the parent unless I have permission to do so. Due to protection reasons, the information will be shared with proper authorities if someone is in danger, abuse, neglect or needed to be used to testify in court. 

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